Guide to Modern Kiev

Kiev - the capital and largest city of the country, a major industrial, political, scientific, transport and cultural center of Ukraine. The city is an independent administrative-territorial unit. He managed to be elected every four years, the capital's mayor.

Kiev is located on both sides of the Dnieper River in its middle reaches. The city stretches for twenty kilometers along the river. The right bank is on a high plateau, and lies on the left bank of a shallow sandy plain. Climate of the area is temperate continental with warm summers and mild winters. The largest city - river Dnieper, the width of which is 500-700 meters. According to the city also take place no less famous but smaller rivers such as the crude product, Gorenka, Nyvka, Vita, Lybid.

According to official data, in Kiev there are about 3 million people and about as many lives in a temporary or come here to work. The city covers an area of ​​850 square kilometers, of which half - built-up areas. In the capital, there are about 70 parks and a couple of hundred squares. Of cultural life are more than 40 theaters, 50 museums, 100 universities and more than 100 representatives of foreign states.

The city is incredibly beautiful in any season, but best of all it looks like spring. It was in April and May flourish tree leaves, magnolia, chestnut (the symbol of the capital of Ukraine).

In everyday life, people of Kiev, the Russian language. In Ukrainian usually produced documents filed news and informational signs on the streets.

In Kiev, there are two airports. Airport "Kiev (Zhuliany)" and the international airport "Borispol". Boryspil is one of the largest airports in the Ukraine and is 40 kilometers from the city.

In the center of Kiev is the main railway station "Kiev-Passenger", which consists of buildings of the South, Central and Suburban. Arrival place long-distance buses is the Kiev Central Bus Station, located in the Moscow area. In addition to the main bus station in the city is smaller bus.

In Kiev, the structure is highly developed public transport. For the convenience of residents and visitors operates tram, trolley bus, bus service. Runs through the city, more than 600 routes of minibuses. Due to huge traffic jams in the rush hour, the best and fastest travel is the Kiev Metro. Metro - the most convenient and quickest form of urban transport.

Tours of the capital be better to arrange a weekend, when the center of the city free from heavy traffic and employees of local businesses. On weekends, the streets and do some cover movement of road transport, making them pedestrian.

As Kiev is constantly evolving, population, boundaries, and all sorts of cultural and industrial performance of the city can grow and does not exactly coincide with the presented in this paper.

Note to tourists:

Ukrainian currency - the hryvnia, which is equal to 100 kopecks. Currency can be exchanged in the city with the help of numerous branches of banking institutions. At airports and train stations artificially low exchange rate and currency exchange is not recommended in these places. Many shops accept payment cards, and the city is full of ATMs that allow withdraw cash.


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