Institute for Noble Maidens

   Institute building is the work of architect Beretti, the same author's University. Taras Shevchenko. By the way, Beretti lived with the other side of the street. Then the school was so famous that was common between Kiev and not the official name of the street - the street maiden.

   The building, whose appearance in town was a real event - the Institute for Noble Maidens. By that time, similar institutions already existed in Poltava and Odessa. But this did not prevent the Kiev Institute to become a favorite of the emperor. At its opening, he singled out the sensational sum for those times in half a million rubles. His noble upbringing, we are obliged age tradition, which started the whole empire on a famous institute of noble maidens, founded in 1838.

   Executed in the style of Russian classicism building stood out brightly portal rotunda, colonnade and friznym relief depicting the pelican feeding its young buyout. This symbolized parental love and sacrifice. The institution was closed and the pupils in it were deprived of family and forced to live in the hostel. In addition, it was a respected institution, it is intended for high society, the nobility, the merchants of the first category, and the daughters of officers. Education at the Institute was not really a whim for the poor. Renowned historian Kiev Zakharchenko mentions - "The institute accepted only daughter of nobles, merchants, priests, and foreigners. At least eight years and, moreover, only with a dowry - a dozen shirts, and white handkerchiefs, 12 pairs of stockings, 6 sheets, towels and make sure the silver instruments. " Despite our understanding Institute for Noble Maidens gave no higher and secondary education. During the six years younger from Kiev planted an aesthetic taste and fully develop them. Here we study the law of God, music, singing, dancing and crafts. But physics and mathematics were taught in a simplified form. Then it was thought that a woman should not acquire encyclopedic knowledge of a more general and applied. Then attached great importance to the study of languages, and most of the items were read was French.

   In his memoirs kievlyanok there is evidence that the institute was a frequent visitor to the Emperor Nicholas I, as a rule during dinner. Did the institutsyaka kitchen was so tasty. In fact, the secret is that the windows of the dining room opened up magnificent views of the old town, which, admiring the emperor. And you can enjoy not only the view, as the main decoration of pristine streets were pupils of this institution. Some girls even demanded that they built to bridge the transition towards the entertainment of the garden. And this desire to realize it was unrealistic because of the strict rules of the institute. Institutions around the fence and they were. forbidden even to look out for it, not like going out. Desired bridge yet built, but after the last reconstruction of Independence Square. During the Second World War, the central building of the institute last burned. After the restoration is placed here October Palace, which became a center of culture and the arts.