Bridge Park (Devil's Bridge)

   Park bridge in Kiev is quite a rich history that dates back to the dawn of the 20th century. Originally, however, such a bridge in the city was not necessary. On the narrow bridge connecting two mountains, naturally formed failure, for which reason the water farm, located on one side, and the royal garden - on the other hand, were cut off from each other. This problem was solved by a narrow bridge, which has very simple design. But despite these measures, the need for a traffic artery on the Dnieper embankment still remain. As it can be accessed from the center of Kiev, where the Revolution was the Valley of Roses Mariinsky Park, along the hills in the direction of Nicholas Chain Bridge. This street was named in 1911 by Peter the alley. This name was given in honor of the momentous event - the victory that won Peter the Great over the Swedish troops in the Battle of Poltava. In those days, the street took its origin near modern building Philharmonic, and ended at the Mariinsky Palace. Currently, the bridge is exactly in this place. The very same street for natural reasons, eventually collapsed. A little later it was rebuilt, but there is no longer drives traffic, because now she looks more like a wide trail.
In this area are frequent landslides. To combat the local road workers have offered to do the tunnel. The city authorities were in no hurry to endorse the idea, deciding to first consult with the EO Paton - known civil engineer, who released several of his own books on design. After seeing this area, Paton was simply amazed by its natural beauty and magnificent scenery, so he immediately rejected the idea of ​​raising tunnels here. Professor invited to build a bridge. Kievans wondered how you can build a bridge in the world. In order to avoid landslides, cliff fortified with concrete walls and under the bridge made the road. Originally the bridge was a single-span arched metal structure, parts of which were connected together by riveting. Cloth bridge paved with wooden decking, which would seem to make him strong enough. However, there occurred several times falls in connection with which the crews on the bridge were to be found very rarely.
Around the bridge on Park various rumors were afloat and gossip. Some contend that the bridge because of an unhappy love affair ran a youth, and others felt it just fell off him when he tried to run on the rails of the rack, so impress and surprise your lady love. Since the bridge was the second time, so to speak, a popular name - "Devil's" bridge. At one point, Kiev authorities even put a policeman there, who was to keep track of all those who came to the bridge and in case anything happens to prevent those who want to depart this life. During the Soviet authorities briefly closed the bridge Parkovyi. But even this does not solve the problem of suicide on the bridge. Different ways and wiles suicide still making their way to the bridge and made our plans here.
In the history of Park Bridge is another legend. According to her, Alex welded, is the architect and chief designer of the bridge, once argued with a well-known in these parts hydraulic engineers, who was convinced of the impossibility of constructing a bridge at this site. In a sign of his victory in the dispute at the opening of Park Zavarov bridge received a box of champagne. With the advent of the bridge is able to solve many problems. For example, earlier in order to get to the central beach, the locals were forced to stand for a huge queue at the pier, "2nd ladder", and then catch the first on the deck of the boat, which most often was simply overcrowded. With the advent of Park Bridge out of this situation has finally been found. This bridge has the shortest length of the bridge in the Ukrainian capital and at the same time the world's first bridge which was built only for vacation.
With the discovery in 1965, Metro bridge load on Park bridge fell.

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