Monument Lesia Ukrainka

  A monument in honor of Lesya Ukrainka opened in September 1973. It is installed on a central square of Kiev Pechersk and, at the intersection of Kutuzov and Lesia Ukrainka Blvd. In the 80s of last century, here opened subway station "Cave." The authors of the monument were made by the sculptor G. Kalchenko and architect AF Ignashchenko.
Lesia Ukrainka Monument represents a figure of the poet, made of bronze. Her height is 5 meters. The statue is set on a plinth made of black labradorite. Near the monument is a fountain surrounded by a group of trees that were brought here from his native city of Lesia Ukrainka. The height of the monument together with the pedestal is 10 meters.
Larisa grouse (1871-1913), better known as Les Ukrainka, is the great Ukrainian poet, playwright and social activist. Much of her life is connected with Kiev. For the first time she visited the capital in 1876 with his parents.
During his visit to Kiev at different times she stopped on the street. Saksaganskogo, 97 (1899-1910 a museum of Lesya Ukrainka), 101 (1911 and 1913), 115 (1910), on the street. Streltsy, 15 and 26 on the street. Fundukleyev Str. Tarasovskaya, 14 (1889), as well as the street. Vetrov (today st. Nazarevskaya). In six of the above houses are now mounted a memorial plaque. In 1907, Lesia Ukrainka married. Her husband became a folklorist KV Kvitka. The wedding ceremony took place in Kiev, in Ascension Church. The Great Ukrainian poet died in Georgia in Sumar. She was buried at Baikove cemetery. In 1922, in honor of Lesya Ukrainka in Kiev was named one of the streets, and in 1961 and 1965 - boulevard and square.

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